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Presence through Technology

Distance is an inhibitor to having real-time insights into critical parts of your supply chain. Metaverse is a frontrunner in making use of next level tools to collaborate with your stakeholders on the ground. Collaborate on design in a virtual space before any physical products have been made, reducing your costs and risk. See what our operator sees, through the latest head mounted devices. Distances disappear when you are able to communicate with operators directly on site
and even send images or overlays to the device of the operator.

You used to fly frequently to China or had people on the ground to provide access to your vendors and ensure products got sourced, manufactured and shipped on time and in the right conditions. COVID has unfortunately severed that direct connection leaving you guessing for some part as to how and when your products will arrive.

With our quality assurance tools we provide you with direct and real time access to inspections and the quality agreements between you and your/our vendors. In case an issue occurs,  or direct access and communication is wanted  a direct streaming link with our operator wearing a RealWear HMT1 head mounted device can be triggered from either side. You are able to see what the operative sees, communicate with him directly on site and even send images or overlays to the device of the operator. Displaying your content in front of his eyes.

Over time, the rich value-based quality performance statistics can aid you in your vendor management and can prioritize the actions to be taken with the largest impact to your bottom line.