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Supply Chains of the Future, Enabled Today.

Our team of expert engineers and supply chain professionals works to build and integrate solutions for companies that wish to upgrade their supply chain. 

Coming from NPI, engineering and supply chain mechanics, with an affinity for new technologies in XR, remote working and web3, we are very excited to build the future of manufacturing and supply chains. 

Our portfolio of highly skilled manufacturers range from precision parts to EMS and packaging and are all excited to collaborate with you in a new transformative way.

Every case is unique and has different levers to success. Better integration with overseas manufacturers or a larger degree of decentralization and more control over processes are key for most companies and we are excited to discover a solution that fits your ecosystem best. 

Get in touch with us to learn how we can get your supply chain into the future, into the Metaverse.

What we do

With two decades of experience in NPI and manufacturing in China we add value to supply chains of companies all over the world, by critically evaluating the business model, manufacturing challenges and opportunities and technology that improve performance, sustainability and of course profitability.  


Working with a partner close to the manufacturer saves critical time and resources. User centered aesthetic and industrial design integrated with your team.


Mechanical parts, electronics and embedded systems. Our experienced team is ready for your request and can ensure a fast turnaround of your project.

Digital Solutions

Clients get a convenient portal interface in which they can find all relevant information. Live or virtual contact with our team can be started here.

Edge Integration

Many devices rely on connectivity and logic on the edge. This is especially true when looking to the future of design and manufacturing.


Our manufacturing partners, in China, have worked with us on many NPI and manufacturing project and are happy to scale with your demands.

Quality Assurance

No shipment leaves our office without having undergone rigorous testing and inspections by our QA team. Direct streaming presence is offered to clients.


Reduced time to market

Ideas spread faster than ever. Being first makes the difference between success and obscurity. To become first, execution is essential. Design, develop, deliver. The Metaverse method streamlines the NPI process. Reducing distance, eliminating noise, extracting maximum value.

Accelerated returns

Money, the distillation of your most valuable asset, your time. As a good steward, Metaverse manages your investment intelligently, reducing cashflow pressure and accelerating returns.

Real-time access

Geographical distances used to mean barriers in language, communication speed and intermittent access to key parts of your supply chain. The Metaverse client portal and single point account management greatly reduce these barriers giving clients real-time access always.

Intelligent logistics

Ensuring goods are in the right place at the right time is crucial, it reduces cost and minimizes waste. Metaverse enables real-time traceability, with a well designed logistics framework specific to your product and market.

Metaverse community

Working with students and young entrepreneurs is a  privilege. As far as travel policy allows, we welcome interaction with student groups, startups and specialists. Please join one of our events or chat with us about one of the below topics.

Join the conversation, through one of these channels.

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What they say about us

Having known Arthur for 12-13 years, and recently reconnected via Linked-In I invited him to speak to my Senior level International Business class at Fresno State. His presentation was one of the most engaging ever in my classes. Student were intrigued about the enlightening stories and sincere and varied business experience. I had many students inform me how much they enjoyed his talk and appreciated passing along his experiences.
Jeff A. Brueggemann
Professor at California State University, Fresno
Spotting flawlessly the games some of our suppliers and purchasers were playing, always sourcing the required items on time and (usually) within the budget. Despite of the "difficult" and less than pleasant environment China sometimes can be he always had a positive attitude, was well respected by his staff and was always a very pleasant and loyal colleague.
Besides, having experienced Arthur as a supervisor, I also had the opportunity to experience Arthur as a host in China. This allows me to say that Arthur treats his employees very well both at the office as outside the office. I’m looking forward to work for Arthur in the near future!

Find out how we can add value to your supply chain, or help us design the future.