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New Product Introduction, professional collaboration and resource allocation.

Our New Product Development service can be tailored to your unique needs. Some customers come to us with the outline of an idea, and, in these cases, we undertake the whole project – from concept through to manufacturing. Other customers have their own team of designers and are keen to retain ownership of the core element of the design but want our help on specific elements of the design such as Mechanical or Controls development.

Whatever range of services you require, our process starts with understanding your requirements, defining the solution design, project planning, prototype evaluation, system integration and product quality validation.

Our full range of design and development offerings include system design, mechanical design, electronic design, embedded software application, applications and regulatory test support.

When working on new designs, the engineering team work closely with their manufacturing colleagues to ensure that the product is designed with the end manufacturing location in mind – with DFM, DFT and component selection being relevant to the manufacturing and supply chain options available at that site. This ensures a smooth transition to manufacture – reducing product cost and Time to Market.


This allows customers to develop a product that is ready for volume manufacturing – and providing us with the opportunity to produce prototypes of the highest quality and cost efficiency.

Our links to high quality and cost-effective component sources in Asia enable us to suggest improvements to increase yield and reduce cost. We like to provide this input during the critical design and prototyping stages. Our plants in Asia are not simply ‘Build to Print’ operations; we have the experience and skills to manage the full range of product profiles – including the ability to support low to medium volume, high mix products.

We can undertake DFM, DFT and prototyping of all components and final assembly at all of our partners manufacturing sites – allowing the target volume manufacturing site to gain experience of the product at the earliest point and to provide manufacturing and supply chain suggestions

Road to production readiness

  1. Prototype

Our prototyping service provides fast, efficient and strategic technical support during the design and early production periods, alongside our DFM and DFT services.

  • EVT

run of 20-50 units is when looks-like and works-like prototypes are combined to ensure all functional requirements of the PRD (product requirement document) are being met

  • DVT

With a build of 50-200, units are put through rigorous tests such as burning, dropping from certain heights, submerging in water as well as extensive battery testing. 

  • PVT

 first official production run, often 5-10% of the first run, where teams verify that the product can be made at the volumes needed for the target cost with QA and QC.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Our suply chain & partnership approach and team of specialists will guarantee the best components for your product, every time. We work in collaboration with our customers to provide them with supply chain options to identify the best solution and directly with supply chain partners and distributors around the world to deliver competitive prices for each component.

We take a holistic approach to make you competitive in your marketplace and we strategically support growing organizations and OEMs by presenting alternative component suggestions to customers that will drive down the cost of the BOM and/or minimize supply chain risks such as End of Life (EOL) announcements and market shortages.

After Market Services

Our comprehensive After Market Services (AMS) enable us to support our customers with their reverse logistics and repair requirements. We receive constant feedback from our customers that our ability to support their end customers, and to resolve issues in the field, makes a huge difference to their competitiveness in the market. They particularly value the fact that we can provide local technical support in North America and Europe for products that have been produced in Asia.

This service can remove the need for customers to redirect all products to the original manufacturing site for repair, upgrade or modification and ensures a rapid response and swift solution to any issues. We also use this quick feedback loop to improve the design and/or the manufacturing process – further upgrading the quality and reliability of the product.